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Austin Carr's "Tame Me?": A Retro Synth-Pop Gem with a Country Twist

Cover Art: "Tame Me?" single cover featuring retro and country elements
Cover Art: "Tame Me?" single cover
Indie pop songwriter blends '80s nostalgia with folk instrumentation in his new single, offering a fresh take on cat-and-mouse romance.

The Artist: Austin Carr

A Journey from YouTube to Spotify

Austin Carr is no stranger to the spotlight. Starting his music career on YouTube, he gained recognition as a finalist in Simon Cowell’s YouGeneration singing competition - A pretty big achievement for anybody within entertainment I'd say. His 2020 debut EP, "Imaginary Boy," marked the beginning of his exploration into indie pop blended with folk and country influences. With almost 300,000 streams on Spotify for his lead single "I’ll Forget U, I Won’t Forget This," Austin has proven that he's an artist to watch.

The Single: "Tame Me?"

A Retro-Folk Fusion

Released on October 13th, 2023, "Tame Me?" is the first single from Austin's upcoming "Saturn Attacks" EP. Produced by Alyssa Wilkens, the track is an upbeat, nostalgic pop song that draws inspiration from classic pop solo artists like Bruce Springsteen and Phil Collins. But what sets it apart is its unique blend of '80s synth-pop with folk and country elements, particularly the pedal steel guitar.

Promo Shot: Austin Carr posing
Promo Shot: Austin Carr

Lyrical Wit Meets Honest Emotion

The song tells the story of a cat-and-mouse romantic relationship, packed with witty double entendres and irreverent lyrics. Austin describes his lyrical observations as "embarrassingly honest," and this song is no exception. It's a departure for him, being an upbeat, flirty pop song with overt sexual themes. But as Austin himself puts it, "The sad boy nerd inside me is scandalized that I’m releasing it at all, but I’m excited to not take myself so seriously in my music."

In Summary

Austin Carr's "Tame Me?" is a delightful blend of retro synth-pop and folk-country elements, wrapped up in a narrative of playful romance. It's a track that promises to be both catchy and thought-provoking, making it a must-listen in the lead-up to his "Saturn Attacks" EP.

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