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A/V CLvB: Crafting a Harmonic Storm in Alternative Rock with 'Cellar Door'

Band members of A/V CLvB engrossed in the raw emotion and energy that defines their eclectic alternative rock style.

A Brief Introduction

A/V CLvB is a potent alternative rock band that hails from the South Shore area. With Avery Gordon on vocals and rhythm guitar, Braeden Muir on vocals and lead guitar, Noah Liddy on bass, and Cameron McLaughlin on drums, the band offers a captivating blend of indie, emo, shoegaze, and grunge styles.

Formation and Influences

The story of A/V CLvB is a classic tale of high-school camaraderie evolving into artistic partnership. Avery and Braeden first met in a high-school music class. After one pivotal gig and a lineup change, Braeden switched to lead guitar, while Avery's childhood friend Noah picked up the bass. The final piece of the puzzle, Cameron, was recruited from another local band. Influences range from Modern Baseball and Title Fight to Basement, shaping the band’s eclectic sound.

The Latest Release: "Cellar Door"

"Cellar Door" is A/V CLvB’s latest release and the first single from their upcoming EP, Dumbwaiters to Die For. Recorded at Quiethouse Recording and engineered by Dereck Blackburn, the song exposes the ugliness in a toxic relationship built on deceit and materialism. Inspired by a deep obsession with the movie Donnie Darko, the track erratically jumps between moods, offering an emotional rollercoaster that mirrors the complexities of human relationships.

A/V CLvB Cellar Door Album Art

Beyond The Music

While A/V CLvB is serious about their art, they’re not without a sense of humor or a penchant for engagement. At live shows, they’ve been known to hand out peculiar gifts like fuzzy worms, sourdough bowls, and even Braeden's hair. They've garnered positive reviews, with one stating: "A world that collapses in front of you, embedded in mole harmonies, accompanied by strings to remind the listener of the past in these moments."

What’s Next?

The band continues to play at various DIY and club venues, leaving a lasting impression with their dynamic music and engaging live performances. With their debut EP on the horizon, A/V CLvB aims to expand their reach and continue pushing the boundaries of alternative rock.

🎙️ Artist Quote: "Alternative bruh music" - Noah Liddy

A/V CLvB not only offers a distinct sound but also captures the essence of young, raw emotion layered with musical expertise. With their upcoming EP, they are definitely a band to watch.


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