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BABY SAID Releases Energetic New EP "Who Gives A Rock"

All-girl teenage rock group Baby Said, formed by Portsmouth-based Italian/Punjabi sisters Veronica and Jess Pal, unveil their debut EP "Who Gives A Rock"


Baby Said, an all-girl teenage rock group formed by the dynamic duo of sisters Veronica (19) and Jess Pal (17), released their debut EP "Who Gives A Rock" on June 21, 2024. Joined by Holly Knowles on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, and Maddie Hackett on drums, Baby Said delivers a powerful blend of rock that is both nostalgic and refreshingly modern.

About Baby Said

Baby Said, based in Portsmouth, UK, is a formidable rock band led by the Italian/Punjabi sisters Veronica and Jess Pal. With the recent addition of Holly Knowles and Maddie Hackett, the band has quickly made a name for themselves in the rock scene. Known for their energetic performances and raw sound, they have drawn comparisons to bands like Måneskin and Wet Leg. Their musical journey began with a summer of busking in 2021, leading to the formation of their covers band AstroModa and eventually evolving into Baby Said.

About "Who Gives A Rock"

"Who Gives A Rock" is a testament to Baby Said's growth and determination. The EP features four tracks: "Panic Attack," "Mouth Shut," "You Killed It," and "Fight." Each song showcases the band's ability to blend powerful vocals with gritty guitar riffs and driving percussion, creating a sound that is both energetic and defiant. The EP was produced by renowned producers Gethin Pearson and Lewis Gardiner, ensuring a high-quality production that complements the band's raw talent.

Track Descriptions:

  • Panic Attack: This track delves into the sensations of anxiety and the impact it has on daily life. Starting with low energy to represent exhaustion, it builds to an explosive climax.

  • Mouth Shut: A song about discovering that someone attractive has a bland personality, preferring them when they don’t talk.

  • You Killed It: Written from scratch during a session in Wales, this track captures the excitement and nerves of creating music collaboratively for the first time.

  • Fight: Inspired by the band’s experiences with skepticism from audiences, this track is a blunt retaliation to those who doubted their abilities.

Quotes and Reviews

“...with their raw energetic sound, powerful vocals and determination to succeed, we believe they have everything to become a hit.” - ROTD

“...super-tight – the Pal sisters are teenagers and, boy, do they have the songs, every one a catchy smasher.” - Thomas H Green, The Arts Desk, Telegraph

Upcoming Performances

Following their support tour with US rockers Dirty Honey and an official showcase at The Great Escape, Baby Said will perform at Reading & Leeds, Victorious, Rebellion, Live At Leeds, Twisterella, and Loud Women Festivals. Fans can expect an electrifying live experience that brings their studio recordings to life.


"Who Gives A Rock" is a bold introduction to Baby Said, showcasing their talent and potential. With energetic tracks and powerful lyrics, this EP is set to make a significant impact on the rock scene. Be sure to check it out!



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