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*BACKSTAGE PASS* - Mazz – The Emotional Alchemist Behind "Bad One"

Here we have something that fans of intricate lyricism and rap flows are going to love. It's as if Mazz was born with a mic in hand. Why? because with a back catalogue that boasts gems such as "Keys to My Heart," he's already set himself off to a great start.

With his single "Bad One", Mazz elevates his game to the next level, morphing from a mere musician into what can only be described as an emotional alchemist.

So, let's head backstage and see what he has to say about his release!


Inspiration Behind "Bad One": What inspired you to write this song, and what message are you hoping to convey?

I cannot say I was inspired by a personal situation but I know it is a situation that many people go through so I made this song for them. I heard the beat so I thought the lyrics and melody was just right for it.

Musical Influences: You draw inspiration from a variety of artists. How have they influenced your music style?

I feel like the artists who have influenced me have encouraged me to talk about vulnerable situations which many artists in this genre don't do a lot. However, I like that because people can then relate.

BBC Music Introducing: How did it feel to have your debut single played on BBC Music Introducing?

It was a big achievement for myself. As I have said before, I am not from this country and to be played on the radio is crazy. BBC Music Introducing have supported me a lot on both of my releases and I have been so grateful.

Genre-Blending: Your music is known for seamlessly blending genres. Can you talk about your approach to genre in your music?

I listen to a lot of genres and I feel the way I write and execute melodies and flows, can be used in different genres and beats. If I feel that I am not being creative enough, I will focus on one genre for an amount of time, and will take the inspiration onto the type of beats/music I make.

Building a Fanbase: Since your debut, you've been steadily building a loyal fanbase. What has that journey been like for you?

It has been a difficult but enjoying journey. It's about making content and making sure it is reaching the right people and then keeping them engaged. Everyday I am growing on my social media platforms and I love it when people give me feedback. I have reached over 100 followers on spotify which is great achievement for me because they are fans that are really locked in.

Future Projects: Can we expect an EP or album soon? What's next for Mazz?

I hope to release a few videos and then an EP. I was thinking of releasing an EP this year because I just wanna show my fans what I can do and my versatlity when it comes to making music but I thought it was too early to release it.

Songwriting Process: Can you share a bit about your songwriting process? How do you usually start crafting a song?

I spend a lot of time listening to beats and I create a catalogue of beats that I like and I think I would be good on. I will then go back to them on a different day and will try create something, I normally start by creating a catchy, memorable hook and bridge/prehook, then I finish with the verses. Whilst I am listening to beats and I instantly connect with a beat, I will focus on this beat and will start writing straight away. The hooks come quick to me but I have to focus on the verses because I want to say purposeful and meaningful stuff.

Emotional Depth: Your songs often delve into emotional and complex themes. Is this a conscious choice, and how do you manage to convey these emotions so authentically?

I will never lie on a song. The topics I talk about are either things I have been through or situations that people close to me have been through which is why I can talk about it so authentically so conseqeuntly, people relate because it is real.

Local Scene: Being one of the most promising new artists in Norfolk, how has the local music scene influenced you?

I am trying to put a light on my region and making sure when people talk about my region, my name comes up in that conversation. There are more musicians coming out nowadays which I find is sick because people should follow their dreams and take risks. I try to encourage younger artists as much as I can because it is not easy in our area, there are not many studios, producers, engineers, videographers etc so it is difficult to become a musician in the genre of Rap/Hip-Hop.

Message to Fans: What would you like to say to your fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of "Bad One"?

Bad One is now out so make you stream and download it. Follow me on my social media platforms to keep up to date. I have some more bangers on the way so stay tuned, Love for the support!!

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