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Bailey Judd Strikes 'Precious Gold': A Groove-Heavy Journey into Jazz-Pop Fusion

Bailey Judd 'Precious Gold' Album Art

Bringing Vintage Vibes to Modern Grooves, Bailey Judd Is All Set to Release His Highly Anticipated Single, 'Precious Gold

If you’re a fan of infectious grooves, jazz intricacies, and a sprinkle of retro funk, get ready for a musical treat. Melbourne-based artist Bailey Judd is all set to drop his new single "Precious Gold" on September 1st. Known for his eclectic fusion of jazz, pop, and soul, Bailey is taking us on a ride down memory lane with a sound that evokes the glory of '80s jazz-pop but with a contemporary twist.

The Buzz Around "Precious Gold"

Coming off his critically acclaimed EP "Greetings from Sunny Coburg," Bailey's newest track promises to be a euphoric joyride. Music industry experts have already shown their support, with high praises from outlets like Triple J and The AU Review. The single's funky, Benson-esque sound is also earning him comparisons to iconic artists like George Benson and Hall & Oates.

Bailey Judd Promo Shot

Musical Mastery Meets Authenticity

Bailey Judd is a powerhouse of talent, juggling multiple roles with finesse—from musician to producer. He's not just about the tunes; he's about telling stories through his music. His philosophy of "hiding the vegetables in the bolognese" hints at his knack for integrating complex jazz chords into delectable pop numbers that are palatable for a wider audience.

Bailey Judd: The Goofball Genius

Known for his unfiltered personality and infectious energy, Bailey has been dubbed the internet's "most-loved goofball." But don't let the fun-loving exterior fool you. Bailey is a serious musician, revered within the Melbourne music scene, and his music reflects both his technical expertise and emotional depth.

The Launch: An Unmissable Event

Mark your calendars, because Bailey Judd is launching "Precious Gold" into the stratosphere with a release party on September 14th at Shotkickers in Melbourne. Supported by Dansy, Alisya Rae, and Jazzschoolhurtme's "Kiss it Better Jam," this is one event you won't want to miss.

The Verdict

With the release of "Precious Gold," Bailey Judd effortlessly channels his myriad influences into a cohesive, irresistible tune that beckons listeners into his new era of "cheesy and shameless love." The track feels as though it's been plucked straight from a '70s or '80s jukebox but is presented with all the polish and innovation of modern-day pop.

So, for those keen to groove out and feel the vibes, remember the date: "Precious Gold" drops on September 1st, and the launch party kicks off on September 14th. Trust us; you don't want to miss out on this golden opportunity.


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