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Balloon Shed Soars High with "Frank Says," a Cosmic Journey into Introspection and Daftness

Cover art for "Frank Says" featuring cosmic and surreal visuals
Channeling Pixies frontman Black Francis, Rowan Davies delves into prophetic visions and humanity's follies in this offbeat single.


Emerging from the creative bedroom space of Bristol-based singer-songwriter Rowan Davies, Balloon Shed is a lo-fi project making big waves in the indie scene. The project's latest single, "Frank Says," is a captivating blend of offbeat garage rock and thoughtful lyricism. Drawing on influences from '80s and '90s alt-rock to more recent voices like Jeff Rosenstock and AJJ, this track is a unique ride through Rowan's distinctive musical universe.

A Musical Mosaic

"Frank Says" is not just another garage rock song; it's an anthology of influences and creative turns. Balloon Shed succeeds in weaving together elements from alternative music across the decades, offering up an engaging sonic tapestry that is both nostalgic and fresh.

The Prophet of Doom and Colonization

The track paints a vivid picture of Pixies frontman Black Francis as a prophetic figure warning of humanity's impending doom. Adding an extra layer of allure, Francis is depicted as leading an interplanetary expedition in search of a new home, offering a heady mix of existential pondering and wry humor.

Cover art for "Frank Says" featuring cosmic and surreal visuals

Insightful and Introspective

Balloon Shed's songwriting excels in its melodic flow and introspective storytelling. From contemplating mankind's "everlasting daftness" to painting surreal narrative landscapes, the project offers listeners a multidimensional musical experience.

The Power of Lo-fi

While many artists aim for polished perfection, Balloon Shed embraces the gritty, lo-fi aesthetic that adds raw energy and authenticity to the music. It's this unabashedly rough-around-the-edges vibe that makes "Frank Says" such an endearing listen.

  • Mood: Offbeat, Introspective, Lo-fi

  • Genre: Bedroom Pop, Garage Rock, Alt-Rock


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