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BAYWUD - Back To Life


Back To Life

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Patrick Conseil

Back To Life’ is a hard-pop single from BAYWUD that pushes the pop genre to its peak. It's rhythmic from the start. The instrumental is warm, with guitars, bass and choir all working together to create a solid sound that backs the vocals. The melody gets underway and it's relentlessly catchy, the beat adds to the charm the instrumental is working on you and you’re under. The vocals are loud, proud and full of character that will set your pop music ideals on fire. They fit the tone and texture of the single perfectly and push ‘Back To Life’ ever higher.

BAYWUD is making a behemoth of noise, and it's unstoppable. A pop song that exudes rock and soul is hard to do well. BAYWUD makes it look easy. ‘Back To Life’ is not the end, however. BAYWUD’s debut album, Back To Life, hits the world on the 23rd of February, and let me tell you — you’re not gonna wanna miss it.



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