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"Bearable Through Love": Martyn Scott's Brilliant Blend of Vintage Charm and Modern Sensibility

‘Bearable Through Love’ is a single from the multi-talented Martyn Scott. It takes that classic vibe of slow rock and kicks it into overdrive, bringing it into the modern day. The sound hits the Beatles on the way up and finds Tame Impala on the way back down. It’s alive with little frills, guitars singing their stringy hearts out and a fire in the bass which ebbs and cracks in the chorus, throwing a healthy glow over everything in sight. When that bass line joins the guitars you’re hooked. Now all you’re waiting for is to hear what those vocals sound like and you will not be disappointed. They flow with gusto and spadefuls of charm as they fill up the mids and belt into the highs. Harmonies create swirling clouds overhead as the bright sun dims and the sky goes purple.

Martyn Scott has found a way to diffuse adoration throughout his single. The song comes out the gate with a purpose, it strengthens the connections you already have with others. The message is clear, love conquers all. But the medium is what is astounding. There is so much funk, so much life and so much heart in every aspect of this track. Whether you love smooth 70s rock or are just looking for something to brighten up your day. You can’t go wrong with ‘Bearable Through Love.’ It’s a modern classic.



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