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Beautiful Animal

Helsinki, Finland

Beautiful Animal’s self-titled debut is a smooth rock/funk rock album with elements of modern indie and classic rock. It's a sound that is infectious from the very start. Drawn in by the blistering guitar, the tight drums, the bass that knows how to sew a melody and vocals that punch the clouds with their scale and charm. The album blends the tones of Beautiful Animal’s influences with masterful delicacy. You get the post-rock, its harsh guitar and early metal tones (think early sabbath), but then you turn the corner to Americana influences. It's a magical amalgamation and one that had me captivated by each and every track.

If you love rock, any form of rock. Then Beautiful Animal simply has to be on your radar. Their punch, bite and attitude coupled with nigh-on perfect playing sends their debut album up into the gaze of the greats. ‘Beautiful Animal’ houses rock the way it was meant to be played; from the heart, like a wild beast of music.



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