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Black Silver's "Westside Glory" Breaks Hip Hop's Mold with Innovative Creativity

Black Silver Promo Shot

Black Silver's "Westside Glory" is an exceptional ode to the creative freedom that he believes all artists should embrace. As the first single from his upcoming album "Forbidden Slanguage," "Westside Glory" sets the tone for what we can expect from Black Silver's new LP.

Produced by E Skillz Music, "Westside Glory" starts with a melodic piano and builds up with a smooth bass line, and Black Silver's unique and confident delivery. His flow is reminiscent of the iconic Andre 3000 mixed with the introspective style of J Cole.

As a member of various Hip Hop groups, Black Silver has undoubtedly learned a lot about the industry, and it shows in his innovative approach to music. His determination to break away from the typical structure and format of Hip Hop music is admirable.

"Westside Glory" is a perfect blend of authentic Hip Hop sound and innovative creativity. Black Silver's message is clear: as an artist, you need to break the mold to be successful. I, for one, can't wait to hear more from Black Silver and his upcoming album "Forbidden Slanguage."



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