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Blacklight Beat Patrol Unveils 'Sundays and Flapjacks' - A Synthesis of Nostalgia and Innovation

Blacklight Beat Patrol 'Sundays and Flapjacks' Cover Art
Blacklight Beat Patrol 'Sundays and Flapjacks' Cover Art
Dive into the avant-garde world of Blacklight Beat Patrol as they blend electronic genres for a unique auditory experience with their latest single from the anticipated album 'Whispers from the Void.

Blacklight Beat Patrol, the brainchild of Scott Corneau, continues to bless the electronic music landscape with their latest single, "Sundays and Flapjacks." This track marks a preview into the lens of their forthcoming 2024 album titled "Whispers from the Void". Encapsulating the band's mission to push the boundaries of electronic music through a distinctive blend of genres, this taster isn't one to miss.

Since their inception in 2021, Blacklight Beat Patrol has been dedicated to breaking the moulds of electronic music, Their journey began with the EP "Startup Sounds" in March 2022, which explores the realms of '80s wave and sci-fi elements. This continued into the release of their debut full-length album featuring "Faulty Uplink" in August 2023.

"Sundays and Flapjacks" comes in at four minutes and forty-seven seconds. It isn't a standard commercial length, and neither does it have words. It doesn't need to. It tells a story through the lens of a vibrant space exploration. Twee influence gives the composition an 80s video game feel. Space Invaders meets Pacman I envision. The drumming is different, it takes influence from hip-hop - specifically boom-bap. It feels like 80s synthwave and 90s hip-hop dancing together in harmony. Glitchy in places, the experimental elements add an extra layer of Retro fusion to the soundtrack. It's hypnotic, you'll get lost here and you will find yourself free.

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"Sundays and Flapjacks" has already caught the attention of critics and enthusiasts alike. Acid Ted, a prominent voice in electronic music, described the track as "utterly wonderful" yet "utterly bonkers," highlighting the band's capacity to surprise and captivate listeners with their audacious sound.

With "Sundays and Flapjacks," Blacklight Beat Patrol ventures into a unique musical experiment, merging nostalgic vibes with cutting-edge electronic flair. It works. This is a classic example of what musical experimentalism looks like when it pays off.

Genres: Avant-Garde (Electronic), Electronic, Experimental (Electronic), Glitch, Soundscape, Synthwave, Breakbeat, EDM, IDM

Mood: Innovative, Nostalgic, Quirky, Electro-Dance, Leftfield

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