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Blending R&B with Modern Pop: 'Lonely' - Bom-C's Stellar Sonics Delivers a Cosmic Experience

Bom-C and Beats By Big H have delivered a blisteringly cool track with their single, ‘Lonely.’ It’s a song that takes its flow to the core of it all. The flavour of the song comes from a place of R&B but it also peers into the studios of modern pop and grabs some ideas. It’s upbeat and fun which puts it up in the clouds. The music beams down like god rays through the rain. When that melody falls in line with the rhythm you know you’re hitting the big time. It grabs you instantly. It’s classic with a twist. There is something new to the bass, something else in the rhythm and something about that vocal that sends it into outer space.

‘Lonely’ has found its voice. The song feels right at home coming from these two artists. Each aspect of the song is bright and tonal, it doesn’t feel strained or forced in any real way. When the chorus hits and pushes into the bridge, those transitions are so smooth that they make you swoon. Great music, performed with heart, and mastered down to the flow of the synth. A true work of passion and one that you should certainly wrap your ears around.



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