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BLOO - Silly Rap


Silly Rap

Port Hope Ontario, Canada

Credit - Bloo

The hardcore deepest rap sound that comes out of Bloo’s latest single, ‘Silly Rap,’ is so pure in its freedom and musicality that it's refreshing to listen to. The sounds in the bass rattle your bones. The vocals rile up the beat and get the trap 808s rolling into focus. The melody crashes against the back wall as the Vox jitters and laughs, they’re having fun with it. The bass drops, the beat hardens and the rap begins. The flow is quick, the lyrics are clever and wash into the next line, then the next. This overflowing melodic power pushes into the chorus where the sound flips and dips like a rollercoaster. It's one hell of a ride.

Bloo is setting a standard: rap doesn’t have to be serious, it can be a tonne of fun too. That’s the vibe that pours out of ‘Silly Rap,’ and that vibe is infectious. Bloo’s music is a good time to listen to. All I want to do is jump back in, jive to the rhythm and laugh along with the lyrics. What a track, what an artist. The future looks bright through the lens of Bloo.


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