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BLUE PAINTED FLAG - Daisy and Dandelions

Blue Painted Flag’s latest release, ‘Daisy and Dandelions,’ is a tonal and sombre indie track that reels you in with tone and holds you there with emotion. The beat starts slow, warm and dark like tropical midnight waters. The guitars shed white light, the bass calls the clouds and the vocals begin to sing. Through the steady beat, they are so evocative. The Vox swings this way and that, sometimes fast and others slow, but it never feels like more than a light stroll. When the chorus hits, everything is pulled out. The guitars send out musical frills and the vocals mourn. It’s a sad song; beneath the sadness, however, is something else. That strange drive we have to get up, and get on. It's a hopeful song, not of loss, but of reminiscence.

‘Daisy and Dandelions’ rocks you so softly that you don’t even notice the song is over. As soon as you do you line it up on repeat. The release you can feel in the song, the positive human intention — it’s divine.


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