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Blue Shirt Charlie's Latest Single "Crazy Woman" Is a Bright and Honest Americana Pop-Rock Track

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Blue Shirt Charlie "Crazy Woman" Cover Art

Blue Shirt Charlie have a sound that will have you smiling in moments. Their latest single, ‘Crazy Woman,’ is a bright and jovial Americana pop-rock track that leans more on the blues side than anywhere else. It’s honest, homely, and performed with intense talent and passion. You can feel it in the beat in the chords, in the silence even. Blue Shirt Charlie are here to play great music, and they are certainly doing so.

‘Crazy Woman’ feels like it has always been a song. Yano what I mean? It feels, right. The track breathes with you it walks with you. The vocals are clean, confident and take to the heightened chorus like a duck to water. The whole thing seems easy as pie to the band. But you know when you listen that ‘Crazy Woman’ has been crafted, written, re-written and developed over many a sleepless night. It was all worth it. Blue Shirt Charlie have produced a cracking single that deserves your attention. So go right ahead and give it a listen! You’re going to love it. Don’t let me stop you.

Jeez … that chorus is going to be in my head for weeks.



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