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Party Wall

Miami, United States

Credit - Sandra Rodriguez

'boyforever' is the project of Miami-based singer-songwriter and producer, Rocky Rodriguez. Creating music that the artist himself describes as a pop sub-genre, "Conceptual Pop", his work aims to showcase a unique perspective based on his own endeavours.

Taking a heavy influence from 90s R&B during the early stages of his life, boyforever combines the influence with pop to create his sound of catchy hooks and thought-provoking lyrical genius.

The latest release from boyforever holds the title of 'Party Wall'. The lyrics tell the artists' personal interpretation of himself whilst at parties whilst speaking to the introvert who wants to be AT the party but not IN it. The concept is deep, the execution is even deeper.

The way that the production has been created has also been done in a way that conceptualises this view offering party noise within the production as well as housing the vocals in between the walls of the mix.

Speaking of the release, boyforever stated that he “really wanted to write a party/dance song for me because often at parties I'm sitting off to the side on my phone so why not make it sound like I'm in the next room and synchronized with my environment to fall in love”

It stands clear that boyforever has a distinct artistry, knowing exactly how to execute his concepts. His vocals are distinctive, and the way that he produces his ideas are his own genius. I'm excited to hear more from this artist, I always love hearing things that haven't been done before, especially when it pays off!

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