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Richmond, United States

Credit - BR Media

BRYANNA RAIN is an artist that continually impresses writers over at TJPL. Since first discovering her music video for Arcades, Aeroplanes I've been keeping a close eye on future music from this future superstar. Reaching Number 1 in our VIDEOS - TOP 10 - 02/09/22- WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?! ( with Arcades, Aeroplanes, I was of course delighted to hear about her latest project!

"Petrichor" is Bryanna Rain's follow-up and companion to her debut release EPisodes. Before we get into Rain's current album I would recommend that you get familiar with EPisodes by clicking here

Rain's current project contains remixes, bonus tracks, and the lead single Arcades, Aeroplanes - did I mention that the video aired on MTV and VICE? Impressive right? Well, "Petrichor" offers a collection of 12 diverse songs that are rooted in many genre influences. From commercial pop to experimental, funk and EDM, "Petrichor" offers something for all lovers of electronic music somewhere on this album!

The introductory piece entitled "TRAVELOGUE" offers a short but interesting opening. Hitting listeners with a catchy funk instrumental is something that makes all the difference in terms of first impressions! The funky bassline and guitar strums are accompanied by soft percussion and sexy cinematic strings before making a final boarding call to Amsterdam! This opening piece sets the scene perfectly for the flight that you're sure to find yourself on shortly!

"ARCADES, AEROPLANES" is a song that one can never get bored of! This is a production that will take you into futuristic experimental 80s-influenced disco along with the occasional twee sound thrown in along with robotic vocal samples that are guaranteed to lift your mood!

"WHEN FERRETHEADS ATTACK" continues along a similar production style as the lead single whilst delving further into the experimental instrumentation. This piece makes a smooth transition into a land of experimental twee and techno. Genius!

"PANDEMICA" brings deep house into the mix! A dominant bassline and persistent kick lift this album into a whole club vibe! The synths are catchy and the vocal chops offer cheeky, animated cartoonlike imagery to the ears of its listeners whilst giving you a whole lot to dance around to!

"#BLAMING SIMAR" provides substantial vocals! It makes a mark and stands out as a piece that uses full lyrics rather than only using vocal chops. I loved hearing this side of the artist! Experimentalism and techno prove to be dominant again within this song as well as a commercial pop/EDM feel. I love it!

Marking the midpoint of the album is "STRING THEORY". This slow burner of a piece grows and grows as it goes on. There's a dark feel to the instrumentation and an influence of rock within the vocals. The use of both male and female vocals is something that I loved hearing here! This piece delves into a whole realm of its own!

"1973" begins with a statement regarding abortion rights. Making it clear from the start sees Rain stand tall in feminist theory. This remains the focal point of "1973" marking women's right to termination in the USA. The statements are made in between a collection of experimental instrumentation.

"GHOSTBABY (AUTUMNA)" rushes listeners back into a virtual club with its catchy bassline and waving of melodies. The way that the vocals sit within the mix gives the piece that classic BRYANNA RAIN experimentalism whilst keeping to a whole commercial universe!

"PHOSPHENE, DANCING" whisks us back into an animated world with its inclusion of computerised twee sounds and elongated haunting vocal performance. This is a piece that is packed with distortion and psychedelia. The variety of vocal tones and styles within this track makes this piece one that stands out!

Track 10 marks the title piece, "PETRICHOR" has a beautifully haunting tone to its production through the use of melodic bell synths and high-pitched vocal chops. The drum loop holds all pieces of the production together before making a drastic exit in time for the more mellow elements of the piece to shine through. This is the first piece on the album that allows listeners to sit in a calm space and reflect on their own thoughts before slowly fading out!

"DUCKS" is an extremely effective creation that brings listeners back to where things began. The reintroduction of a boarding call is used once more as the album comes into its final stages. "DUCKS" is full of psychedelic experience and reflection in its lyrics.

Firmly stamping the conclusion of a chapter is the final piece named "SATELLITE PIANO DEMO". Here we hear RAIN rest her performance on the bed of acoustic piano. This highly reflective and stripped-back piece is a beautiful one that leaves listeners with a new side to the artist. Absolutely stunning.

BRYANNA RAIN is a truly talented soul, a genius and an artist that I have no issue praising from the rooftops. I urge you to get familiar with her work!

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