VIDEOS - TOP 10 - 02/09/22- WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!



BRYANNA RAIN - Arcades, Aeroplanes

Richmond, United States

“Arcades, Aeroplanes” by Bryanna Rain is an animated music video which immediately caught my eye as it was enjoyable to see. This video proceeds to tell the tale of a girl who is on her travels across the globe and is faced with challenges for example Werewolves in the forest. What I enjoyed in the video is that towards the end she is portrayed as a hero which was enjoyable to see in modern progressive society. In conclusion, this was a very fun video to review, and I hope to see more of Bryanna Rain’s work.



ROBBIE RAPIDS - Rock Ain't Dead

Atlanta, GA, United States

‘Rock Ain’t Dead’ by Robbie Rapids starts off with an old-school countdown alongside a voice-over which instantly gives off the retro vibe and was very enjoyable to witness. As the video progresses, we see that there are images of old-school rock icons e.g Kiss and it showcases MTV which was fun to see. Towards the end of the video, there are 3D animations of people rocking out to this song whilst playing the electric guitar. Something that caught my eye in this music video is the retro vibe of the whole music video and how it was created.



LOVE GHOST - Dirty Pixxx

Los Angeles, United States

“Dirty Pixxx” by Love Ghost and Bali Baby shows a very different aesthetic to “Pulp” which was nice to see the contrast in their musical ability. The video starts off with the group receiving what appears a text message whilst having a stunned look on their faces and then progresses to more pictures being sent and a cool feature of who appears to be the artist Bali Baby. What I enjoyed about the video is the different colours and backgrounds as it gives a fun vibe to the music video and song. Overall, this was another amazing video from Love Ghost.




Los Angeles, United States

“Pulp” by Love Ghost starts with the lead singer performing the lyrics to the song whilst in different locations which was fun to see. As we progress further into the video, we see that there is a woman performing in a dark light which could show that this is the persona which Love Ghost are singing about in this music video. What I enjoyed about this video is the vibe and how it is portrayed but also the performance narrative coming from Love Ghost and the female persona they are singing about. Overall, this was a very enjoyable video and I hope to review Love Ghosts' future projects.




Austin, United States

‘4 Minute Mile’ by LUEGO starts off with a dance break coming from 4 four female dancers which was nice as it provides a striking introduction to the video. The video then proceeds to showcase the artist LUEGO performing the lyrics of this song and alongside to this, he also plays the guitar in this music video which shows that he is musically versatile in his work. What I enjoyed about the video is at 2 minutes 23 seconds to 2 minutes 36 seconds there is another mini dance break alongside some electric guitar riffs which fit perfectly with the song.



JULY - Pokey Lights

London, United Kingdom

‘Pokey Lights’ by July starts off with the artist July performing the song to the camera in what appears to be some sort of forest/woodland setting. Alongside this, there is a female model performing to the camera in a dark room with neon purple lighting. As the video progresses, we see that the artist July is sitting on a sofa inside performing the track, but we also see him performing outside too which provides a contrast to the music video. What I like about the video is how the vibe of the song matches the video and I hope to work with ‘July’ soon.



ABBY LONDON - Hysteria

Seattle, United States

‘Hysteria’ by Abby London starts off with a man in a laboratory and a woman who appears to be a newscaster on a small TV. The video then progresses to show a family watching the TV with hypnotic glasses on. This showcases the vibe of the music video, and it portrays hysterical media perfectly. Further on into the music video we see that there are more and more people that are wearing these glasses and are “caught up in Hysteria”. What I enjoyed about the video is that it perfectly fits into the hysterical vibe.



JOHN MCDONOUGH - Shooting Star

Chicago, IL, United States

‘Shooting Star’ by John McDonough starts with John playing the guitar whilst there is a faded image of what appears to be a train in the background. The video then progresses to showcase images that are in sync with the lyrics of the song which can help audiences learn about the concept of the song. What I like about the video is how it provides a performance style coming from John McDonough and how the images fit the vibe and concept of the video/song. Overall, this video was very enjoyable to review, and I hope to work on future projects from John McDonough.




Austin, TX, United States

‘Planter’ by 1st Base Runner is a black and white video which shows the artist performing to the camera which ultimately gives this video a sincere and serious tone. The video often has fade-outs of the artist 1st Base Runner’s serious NVC and silhouettes of him to give the impression that the concept is genuine. What I like about the video is the black and white imagery and I think they fit in well with the idea and message of the video. Overall, this was a very fun video to review and to watch.



GEOFF GIBBONS - Waitin' On A Train

Vancouver, BC

‘Waiting On a Train’ by Geoff Gibbons is a lyric video which has a background of trees, a Train platform and a Train track. This video is good for people that want to learn the lyrics of the song but also want to understand the vibe and concept more. What I like about the video is how the background switches between the black and white image that we open the video with and the pop of colour as it makes the video a bit more vibrant and fun for the audience. In conclusion, this is one to watch.


VIDEOS - TOP 10 - 02/09/22- WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!

  • BRYANNA RAIN - Arcades, Aeroplanes

  • ROBBIE RAPIDS - Rock Ain't Dead

  • LOVE GHOST - Dirty Pixxx

  • LOVE GHOST - Pulp