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#C-BEEM tells his tales from Tono in latest release




Leicester, United Kingdom






#TalesFromTonto is the new 5-track EP from Leicester Based artist #C-Beem. This artist has worked hard on his craft to bring us 5 uniquely intriguing tracks ranging from influences from EDM to landscape and even world music. The project opens with a track entitled #ThoseHills. This creation intrigued me instantly in the way that the sound grew in the opening moments. This piece is highly mindful, packed with sounds that go from singing bowls to experimental rock and cinematic soundscapes. I was highly interested in this piece. #FarAwayVillage literally swept me away from my West Midlands home and into East Asia. I love the way that this track has infused eastern music with the experimental electronic elements of the west. Both sides of the spectrum seem to work, almost like a yin and yang symbolism of the other - rather than good and evil, this is East and West that work together to provide something interesting, highly skillful, and unique. #BowToTheKappa is completely different from the first two tracks (although these were both different from each other too) this track implements electronic EDM with funk and sprinkles of 80s synthpop. The vocals fit into the genre of alternative 80s pop and indie rock. The lyrics are catchy and so is the instrumentation here. #Mayoiga(Phantom House) sweeps you back into a vast soundscape full of hope and dreams of bell synths. Again, the indie rock sound embeds itself into the foundations of the piece through the vocal style and steady drum kit. Concluding this EP is a track named #Oshirasama(Star Crossed Lovers) - as you can imagine, this piece is very dreamy, based on 80s synth-pop packed with reverb and electronic key synths. I really enjoyed the vast range of influences, sounds, and lyrics found in this EP and I definitely want to hear more from #C-Beem very soon!



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