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Calon's 'Matryoshka': A Mesmerizing Indie Masterpiece That Transcends Sound

Calon brings a new sound into the indie space. ‘Matryoshka’ is soft, yet bold. The sounds layer over one another and form a 70s vibe-shifting track that captures emotion with a golden presence. The acoustic rattles in the bleak. The percussion is minimal but lets you feel that subtle beat. Electric guitars pluck from rounded tones. It’s solemn, lonely. But a voice can be heard in the distance. As it approaches the music swells. Soon the way before you is clouded in colour and you fall into the song. It’s simply fantastic. Performed with such grace and sung with such potency.

‘Matryoshka’ swings. The chord changes switch from major to minor, and the vocal follows. There is this sinking feeling, like you're speeding over a hill when the song drops into the chorus. It’s amazing how Calon can make you feel physical things with his music. It’s not just sound, you can sense it. With the magic of ‘Matryoshka,’ Calon’s music has become tangible.


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