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'Cannot Heal’ – hendren’s Energetic Fusion of Indie Rock and Pop Delivers Sparks

‘Cannot Heal’ is an upright and bouncing single from hendren that fuses the worlds of indie rock and indie pop together to develop a sound which feels modern and classic at the same time. In the back, guitars splay chords out over the bass. They are dissonant and full of flavour. The atmosphere is dense, thick like smoke and is broken only by the crunch of the drums. Hit, light, smack, cover. The bass riles up a line and shouts, the song is underway. The vocals strut into the darkness of the street and light lamps as they recount the lyrics to us in a high and punchy melody. It keeps you in it, this combination of dark and light, a yin-yang of rock, a tornado of soul. With the texture punching and the melody rising, it’s all you can do to stop yourself from moving to the beat and humming that line.

The way that hendren builds songs is fascinating. Each element one-ups the other, each sound heightening the last. Layers form and fall, constructing new tones and new sounds altogether. It’s a display of remarkable musicianship and it is a pleasure to listen to. Not only is it written well, it is performed with passion and soul. It’s bright, and it lights up the room. ‘Cannot Heal’ from hendren is a single you can’t miss, it’s just that good.



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