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Carson Aday's 'Molly': An Explosion of Contemporary Pop Rock

‘Molly’ is the latest single from Carson Aday and it packs all of the modern pop punch you could ever want. The single starts off smooth and low. The vocals bring in the melody over rounded bass lines and 80s-feel drums. The instrumental swirls to life and the vocal catches the wave. It swerves to the right, bringing in a jazz vibe to an already funky track. The lights flick on, the world turns its head, and Carson Aday gives them a show. The chorus explodes with life; harmonies and guitar layers spread out over the crowd and you can’t help but sing along. Before you know it you’re gearing up for the next one, and once you feel the groove you never want it to stop.

Carson Aday is proving that music comes naturally to him. Giving off Styles vibes, this sound from Carson Aday has a lot of power behind it, the power to become a contemporary pop staple. ‘Molly’ is a hit from head to toe.



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