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CARSTEN SCHNELL - Another Day Another Dollar


Another Day Another Dollar

Bonn, Germany

Carsten Schnell has left nothing to chance. His latest single, ‘Another Day Another Dollar,’ is a wild adventure in the Blues universe. It feels planned, like every single note has its job, like it was preordained and that it sounds its tune and then vanishes to the ether, as it was always meant to be. Yet it also feels organic, like Carsten Schnell picked up his guitar and started noodling, hit record, and what came out just happened to be masterfully rounded.

‘Another Day Another Dollar’ is a Blues song played on guitar that swaggers and tells a mellow story. The subtle percussion in the back has an 80s synth wave vibe about it, bringing the textures and tones into the present. This is classic noir Blues with a Depeche Mode twist, it's funky and mellow. Blues done right is all true Blues lovers ask for; Carsten Schnell gets it right, and he makes it sound seductively easy.



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