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#CasduPree turns pain into art in his latest heartfelt album




Brummen, Netherlands

Credit - Lonneke Prins





#GettingToKnowMe is the latest 11-track album by Netherlands-based artist #CasDuPree. This album is one that takes insecurities, loss, and pain and turns them into art. Sometimes music is fun, sometimes it's sad, and sometimes it's in between. This album is a classic example of this notion. Opening the project is a piece called #YouBesideMe. This piece creates a piece that uses key synths and mixes them with the upbeat elements of pop. This piece has some inspirational lyrics and reminds me of some of the pieces written by #JeremyCamp with a pop twist. #ABetterMe - Remastered is a highly emotive piece. Having read about the human behind the piece I was able to get familiar with his story - This piece is truly inspirational. It's a piece that discusses doing the things that you want to do regardless of your past, your insecurities, and your struggles. #Untouchable moves away from the ballad feel and into a dark pop realm that is packed with distorted synths as well as slow and steady woodblock percussion and moving vocals. #NoOneManArmy has a lovely feel about it - the way that the layers are built brings you closer to the artist through carefully crafted mixing techniques and layered vocals. #TooLittleILoveYou's is a ballad that begins with acoustic piano and vocals before introducing the weaving of strings and sweeping backing vocals. There is a jazz influence that makes a brief yet powerful addition to the track. This piece would fit perfectly in a film that has a main focus on the journey of one character. #SlowDownBoy is another gorgeously crafted piece. #CasDuPree has not only acknowledged his own possibilities for healing but has created something which will contribute to the healing process of others - To me, this is true art. #Kelly is a dedication to #CasDuPree's late sister. I'm lost for words with this one but full of emotion. I think I'll leave it for the listener to determine their own connection to this piece. #Differently has a dark tone in instrumentation - you can really hear the pain in this artist's words and choice of productive elements. #OceansOfMemories drifts you away in a wave of vocal harmonies. The sound here is gorgeous and perfectly mixed. #WillthereBeAStage is a happier yet equally moving production that uplifts the listener. #YouBesideMe - Acoustic strips things back to basics with simple vocals and the power of acoustic piano to offer a reminder of the opening track with a twist. This album is truly moving. #CasDuPree is an artist in the purest form, a true inspiration, and a symbol of hope for those of us who battle with our demons.



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