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Cold Christmas Eve

Nykroppa, Sweden

The holiday season may be coming to a close but there’s still space in the rock scene for a Christmas whopper to catch you off guard and take you back to Yuletide and all of its trimmings. Christopher Labi Rance’s sound will do this in a heartbeat. Their latest Christmas single, ‘Cold Christmas Eve’ is a heavy yet mellow rock song loaded with tone, harmony and attitude as well as festive classics. Pitting heavy rock guitars, bass drums and a belting vocal against jingle bells and accordions has been very popular this year, but no one has done it quite like Christopher Labi Rance. With a swagger like Springsteen and a vocal style straight out of 80s hair metal, ‘Cold Christmas Eve’ takes on this nostalgic feel and it hits the spot. If you’re looking for a newfound classic to slip into the holiday playlist, you can’t go wrong on a ‘Cold Christmas Eve’.

The song plays out in sections, the sound follows the beat of the story told in the lyrics, one of longing, forgiveness and love. It's a heartfelt tone which catches in the throat of the melody and hits our hearts hard as the music flows over us in waves of emotion. It all comes to a head with a tremendously large guitar solo that gives way to a subdued quieter section. It feels like a song in the throngs of breakup turmoil, but it's not alone. Christopher Labi Rance’s ‘Cold Christmas Eve’ not only deserves your attention, it commands your love.


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