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CHUCKY TRADING CO - Sleepwalking Through History


Sleepwalking Through History

Manhattan, United States

Folk and rock have always sat next to each other on the tramline to soul. It's a long journey with many amazing stops along the way, and one such top is Chucky Trading Co’s single, ‘Sleepwalking Through History.’ A brilliant and dazzling song that oozes charm. It's calming, soothing in its breath and joyous in its melody. It's a song that simply says, live, enjoy, be free and be human. The instrumental is Americana with a folk twist. Beats sink into the back as guitars pluck with pianos and chimes. The sounds blend and become one uplifting number as the vocals slide in all smooth. They’re subtle, conversational and full of more character than you can grasp a hold of. The result is a sound that coddles you like a river of marmalade.

Chucky Trading Co has blossomed from the gloom of the last few years and their sound is undeniably amazing. ‘Sleepwalking Through History’ is not just a brilliant track, it's an anthem for those about to move on, take that next step, and live the life they dream of.



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