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Updated: Nov 11, 2022



London, United Kingdom

Credit - Oxana Ianin

CLAPMUTT, labels himself as "a clown of all trades with lipstick and a blue plaster bow tie as a trademark - a multidisciplinary trashy pop artist who expresses himself through music as well as dance, modelling, acting, and visual arts." I mean, how's that for an introduction?

Holding the belief that art has a special hypnotic power, CLAPMUTT paints his canvas in order to rewire the brains of some of the most dangerous misconceptions of our time. His latest release 'U=U is a prime example of a man who isn't afraid to challenge the unspeakable - in fact, he goes even further and screams it.

So, what does 'U=U' mean? U=U = to educate listeners of the nature of HIV moreover, the scientific fact that "Undetectalbe= Untransmittable". CLAPMUTT has entered the way with the ultimate goal to end the stigma around HIV and address the invisibility of "the most prominent group affected by HIV globally- women."

There's an upbeat aura to this electro-pop song through its mix of Latin influence and experimentalism that borders the line between electro-pop and punk rock. This is a very interesting distorted track, which works well to uncover the sense of distortion within the views of HIV. I mean, as far as songs go, this is not for everybody but I think that it's for the right ones!

I love the way that this CLAPPMUTT uses his music as a voice for the voiceless and think that the collaboration with TrescaLou has worked well here! - TAMARA JENNA


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