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Clay Joule & Elisa Mammoliti's 'Drifters': A Moonlit Blues Masterpiece That Dares to Push Boundaries

Clay Joule & Elisa Mammoliti have combined their tones and expressive ways to bring us, ‘Drifters,’ a single that swoons in the blues and barks at the moon. The instrumental is bouncing, guitars flare while the smooth drums keep things steady so the bass can tag along. Harmonies fly, dip and yaw, coming around to catch you off guard just before the chorus where the song really begins to shine. The light bursts, the fire rises and the sound is magnificent. Like blues times a million. The paired vocals work so well together, they twist and churn in the harmonies, creating a texture like silk.

‘Drifters’ is a perfect example of why indie music is so important. It takes the ideals of rock and the blues genre and pushes them further than ever. It has a simple core but it takes risks in more ways than one. It’s music that should make it big time, it’s creative and it houses a contagious passion that makes you want to get up and move. Clay Joule & Elisa Mammoliti have surpassed all expectations and delivered a golden single.



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