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Cloud Vincent's 'Lady of the Night': A Dazzling Fusion of Indie Bliss & Timeless Punch

‘LADY OF THE NIGHT’ is the latest single from Cloud Vincent. The track has that trademark punch that Cloud Vincent has been shooting through their tracks for a while. It never gets old. The guitars have a texture like you’ve never heard. They blare from the darkness and the song wraps around them. The vocals push the melody and swing through the verse into a chorus that you may never get out of your head. It's got some funk, it’s got some pop, but the final track is indie bliss. The jump, the power, the pump, the flare. Cloud Vincent has once again nailed that new-age indie feeling.

When the song starts out it could go a number of ways. That guitar opens up rock, perhaps some funk jams. It could even take a side step into shoegaze. But the way that Cloud Vincent takes it — you could never predict. A truly creative song played to perfection. Masterful.


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