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Cody James’ new single “Sacrificing Dreams” is a warm, fuzzy blanket of pop, rock and jazz

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Cody James performing on guitar

Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Cody James released his latest single, "Sacrificing Dreams," back in February and it's a real treat for music lovers. This warm and fuzzy blanket of pop and rock is ably supported by satin sheets of jazz and blues, topped with Midwestern-tinged pillows. Cody not only plays all the instruments on the track but also arranges them, showcasing his musical talent and versatility.

But the real star of "Sacrificing Dreams" is Cody's insightful songwriting. He painstakingly searches for the new and unexpected, delivering lyrics that are both thought-provoking and relatable. This is a musician who isn't afraid to take risks and push boundaries, and it shows in every note of this captivating single.

"Sacrificing Dreams" is a must-listen for fans of pop, rock, jazz, and blues alike. With a sound only tested by the likes of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cody James has crafted a truly exceptional track that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Don't miss out on this one!



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