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Colorado & Company's 'Still': An Enthralling Symphony of Melody and Emotion

Colorado & Company have blessed the musical world with another single and it is glorious. ‘Still’ is a track that puts emotion at its core. It bleeds with the rhythms, a subtle groove emanating from the blend of percussion and acoustic strums. It cries with the melodies, brought on strong by the vocal and amplified by the strings which careen high overhead, cutting clouds with clean ambition. It’s got that folk charm, that country texture but most importantly it’s got that indie heart. And that’s what it’s all about after all. When the light comes on in the chorus the whole song takes it up a notch. The instrumentals push it and the vocal hits some stellar notes that are still baffling me.

‘Still’ is wondrous. It’s bold, tight and musical. Most of all it feels like it comes from an open place. You get closer to Colorado & Company when you listen to their music because it is so honest, so intimate and so freeing.

A beautiful mix of melody and muse. Enthralling.


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