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Coma Beach's 'Nothing Right': A Resounding Crescendo of Indie Rock Power

 Coma Beach : Nothing Cover Art

Coma Beach’s hard-hitting textures, flying vocals and indie rock bass tones will have you spiralling down a wellspring of nostalgia with a smile on your face and wondrous music in your ears. Their latest single, ‘Nothing Right - Single Version,’ is a hard and fast indie rock mashup that takes notes of grunge, punk and modern rock to form a thundering chord of power. The three-lane chord progression throws you off guard. Something different to peak the ears, something new and fresh, a delight from every angle. The pace picks up, now there are drums in the back, upping the pressure as the bass finds its stride. Guitars are clashing, the sound is rising, the power is unstoppable. Cresting the wave of rock comes a hearty and thick vocal that crunches lyrics and belts melody. It’s a natural phenomenon and it’s spectacular.

Band members of Coma Beach

‘Nothing Right’ takes the wind out of you like a mosh pit. It’s heavy but it’s not daunting, it’s loud but it’s not shouty. Coma Beach have found this musical balance and it is a perfect medium for the band to share their emotions and stories with us. As the song winds down you are left pining for more, another taste of the Coma Beach and their fruity blend of hard rock and punk. Fantastical and classic all at once.



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