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Cornelius Eady Trio's 'Withstand': A Poetic Acoustic Masterpiece that Echoes with Deep Emotion

‘Withstand’ is a moving song from Cornelius Eady Trio that takes into itself the strife of the modern day and flows like a fantastic poem. It’s constructed from a formidable trio of sounds. The acoustic guitar lays down the chords up front while a piano riles up the low end and sparks into the mids on high. The flavour is deep and rich, full of love and longing. When the vocals come in they do so with a sense of clarity. They stop only for a second, to catch their breath and their ideas, and then they power on. Tonal, deep, full of flavour, this is a vocal sound you won’t catch anywhere else and that is a great shame. This vocal — paired with the thrum of guitar and chimes of piano — conveys endless emotion. Not only do you hear what it says, but you feel it too, you feel the layers.

Cornelius Eady Trio with help from, Charlie Rauh and Lisa Liu, has created a single that is incredibly humbling. It does not pry, it does not shout, it does not tell. It simply asks a question of us, which we should really be asking ourselves anyway. What can we withstand? Yet, perhaps more important in this case is the answer which I feel lies at the heart of it all: we can withstand more together. This is a silken single full of wisdom and feeling. A wonderful track, through and through.



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