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Danil's Journey from Self-Discovery to Empowerment: The Release of "These Thoughts" and Beyond

 Cover art for the single "These Thoughts"
Germany's Indie-Artist Danil explores mental health, empowerment, and spirituality through a tapestry of genre-fluid music.

Based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, queer indie artist Danil (Daniel Knieps) has traversed a long path from self-discovery to empowerment. With his home studio as his sanctuary, Danil crafts music that reflects his journey through mental health struggles, self-acceptance, and spirituality. His debut single "These Thoughts" serves as an epitome of his genre-fluid approach, a fascinating blend of melodic pop and late '80s elements.

Musical Odyssey

Danil started his musical journey at the tender age of 10 with a handful of guitar lessons. Quickly thereafter, he penned his first song, setting in motion a journey that would see him participate in various local bands, perform in a school musical, and sing solo in his school choir. Through his art, Danil found an outlet for the struggles he faced coming to terms with his own sexuality, as well as the traumatic experiences he endured through bullying.

A Period of Reorientation

After confronting serious health issues that forced him to reevaluate his life, Danil underwent a period of introspection and spiritual awakening. These transformative years have had a profound impact on his songwriting and musical style, which embraces elements of '80s and '90s grunge, eurodance, and international pop.

Promo Cover art for the single "These Thoughts"

Building a Following

In a bid to connect with like-minded individuals and share his art, Danil took to social media. He has been successful in building a community of listeners through his weekly "Stairway Sessions" on Instagram, where he plays live sets in the cozy environment of his stairwell. Danil's rise in the indie scene was recently highlighted when he took part in Sounds On The Couch's "100 Indie Artists Project," an initiative by Australian Karen Harding aimed at supporting independent artists.

Recent Achievements

His single "These Thoughts" was recently included in the international compilation album "Independent Discovery" Vol.2 by Sounds On The Couch, released on September 8th. With eight more releases since his debut, Danil continues to gain traction on social media and in the indie music scene.


In a short span of time, Danil has moved from introspection to action, using his music as a means to explore, understand, and accept his multifaceted identity. Keep an eye on this emerging artist as he continues to blend genres, share his experiences, and challenge traditional norms through his art.

  • Mood: Introspective, Empowering, Spiritual

  • Genre: Indie-Pop, Genre-Fluid


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