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Dario Acosta Teich takes us on a journey through #Folklore



Dario Acosta Teich

Tucumán, Argentina

Credit - Katie Shirke & David Andrako





#DarioAcostaTeich has released his latest 8-track album #Folklore on May 20, 2022. #Folklore is an album that includes blended language in a way that you cannot help but love. Like Acosta Teich’s homeland, #Folklore extends from the Afro-Latin candombe of Rio de la Plata (“Sunset”) through the chacarera of the gauchos (“La Vuelta de Rosca”), to Andean huayno (“Encuentro”), using improvisation and experimental jazz to reconcile these sounds and longing for home. #Folklore opens with a track entitled #FiestaManka. This piece immediately shines, giving the listener a mix of jazz brass compositions along with Latin-inspired strums. There is a lot going on in this piece that resembles what I envisioned to be busy streets full of live music under the sun in Latin America. The vocals offer an accompaniment to the sound of the instruments in this track, that make you surrender to the sound of every note. As the track breaks down we hear intricate jazz-inspired piano solos and Latin acoustic guitar solos that blow the minds off the listener. This is a great opening piece that showcases the artistic ability and creativity of #DarioAcostaTeich. #ComoAntes slows things right down. This piece opens with labyrinthine guitar plucks and wow they are stunning. As the solo comes to a close we hear the introduction of smooth violins, percussion, and piano to take us into a romantic sunset within our own imaginations. #Encuentro continues into a REM dreamscape through the swirling of vocal sounds that blend perfectly with the playing of the instrumentation. I loved the acoustic guitar in this piece and the jazz elements but what stood out to me here was the soulful bass - It captured something that was unseen in the previous pieces. #LaVueltaDeRosca is more experimental in production, showcasing a more dominant jazz influence. Full of hidden influences you can hear elements of jazz and big band in this piece through brass, strings, and bass. #TengoUnaAstilla takes us back to basics with a not-so-basic acoustic guitar solo before adding a darker tone. This piece is quite haunting in its own way. There seem to be more elements of bass that are deep and long for effect. The vocals follow the lead melody of the brass instrumental before allowing for a revered slow drum composition to lead the way for the guitar solo to come back into the mix. This is a piece that knows how to pull on your emotional strings through its own strings. #PerroConDosColas takes you on a romantic stroll through Argentine streets. In this piece, you can hear fuller vocal content for the first time during this project. I love that we get to hear this! This is a track that is full of feelings. #TheCurrent opens with an acoustic guitar that showcases the Latin Folk influence that I had been waiting to fully hear through this album. Although Jazz is present here the Folk influence is very clear in the opening bars. #Sunset closes the album and this track is one that opened something very different! Female vocals make a statement through a narrative that is expressed in English. This piece is extremely experimental offering all sorts of twists and turns from Jazz to scratchy strings and futuristic electronic synths. #Folklore definitely tells a lot of tales in its manuscript and I'm looking forward to seeing where the artistic journey of #DarioAcostaTeich takes him!



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