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DASH HAMMERSTEIN - Silence, Memory


Silence, Memory

Brooklyn, United States

Dash Hammerstein is somewhat of a secret assassin within the world of music. As a result, this artist has nurtured his artistic talents in film composition and songwriting from his workspace in Brooklyn, New York.

Hammerstein’s latest release entitled ‘Silence, Memory’ marks the first single off of his upcoming LP collection of mass collaboration of artistic rays of sunshine. Within the piece, there seeps influence from multiple genres, bursting from Tascam 4-track tape loops.

Inspired by the Tilda Swinton film 'Memoria', the lyrics deal with impermanence and change, the title nodding to Nabokov's memoir. See? No idea how to sell it.

Introducing the sounds of nature, the scene is set – Campfires and beaches come to mind. The acoustic twangs and changing vocals merge an elongated mix of tribal and grunge. An interesting mix of influences grows throughout. A folk influence lingers subtly yet dominantly within the piece. This is a song that you cannot listen to only once due to processing and entertainment factors.

‘Silence, Memory’ is fresh, different and unusual – All the markers of an authentic creation.



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