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DAVID SIRKIS - The Specific Ocean


The Specific Ocean

Tel Aviv, Israel

‘The Specific Ocean’ is the latest single from drummer and jazz composer, David Sirkis. It's warm, full of the feeling of nature, and takes a meandering path to take in the sights. The sparkle of the night sky, the beat of a butterfly wing. The melody is wondrous, woodwinds and brass turn corners you never expect while a twanging, sweet bass rolls underfoot, keeping things steady and homebound. Then the drums throw a stick in your spokes, switching up the song and taking it down picturesque pathways. The melody fights with the rhythm, a black-diamond of songwriting. A fantastic and brilliant story encapsulated in sound. Worthy of such an expansive name.

David Sirkis is bringing style back to jazz. It feels modern, colourful and full of newfound vibes that have never crossed that threshold into the jazz world. ‘The Specific Ocean’ is a single that deserves your attention. A reconnection with jazz at its finest.



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