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Wichita, United States

The second to latest single from hardcore hip hop and rap artist DAX is harrowing in its emotionality. ‘PTSD’ is personal and fragile in the best of ways. The music acts like a shell, cracking and seeping light as the emotion that lives in the vocal bursts out at you as you listen. It's a story in a song, one of loss and something brutal. It's a harsh world and we're all here together in it, but there’s a positive message. DAX is a master of beat, rhythm and flow. The music is encompassing, almost hypnotic as you are lost in the story, it's like you’re sitting there with him as he confides in you, and that is the message — confide.

‘PTSD’ is a beautiful song. It's performed in an honest and human way that makes it all the more digestible and current. Listen to the track, watch the video and share it on. Reach out to those beside you and let them know you’re close. If you need others, seek them out or seek out help. It's out there, and DAX is singing you on.



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