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Deep Sea Peach Tree's 'Glockcoma': A Vibrant Fusion of Shoegaze, Surf Rock, and Jazz

If you haven’t heard of Deep Sea Peach Tree, then you are in for a treat (and a very busy afternoon). They are a band forming the newest ideal of shoegaze, blending it with surf rock textures and wrapping the whole thing around a jazz core. Their single ‘Glockcoma’ is a showcase of their bright colourful sound and let-it-float-by attitude. The beat hits you hard after the keys have woken you from your subtle slumber. The final traces of your dream are whisked away by the fluid bass, then the guitars get involved. The sound spirals, it sees you, but it doesn’t half care. We are all just along for the ride, so we’d better get used to it.

‘Glockcoma’ slips and shines, falls into the chorus where it captures your soul, and then breathes a breath that sets it free. You watch your soul fly away, battered by the sonic waves like a butterfly in a slight breeze. Once you are in the music, you never want to leave. The beat thrums, the melody collides and the vocals hold onto the humanity within you with deft hands and a loving smile. This is friendly music from a complex foundation. This is shoegaze and surf rock like you’ve never heard it before. Deep Sea Peach Tree deserve your complete attention. They are making waves big enough to rip, and enjoying the colours they leave in their wake. Inspiring.



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