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Chocolate Nails

Berlin, Germany

Credit - Tavór Nakash

Die Auster Bunny’s latest single, ‘Chocolate Nails’ is tonal, melodic Neo-pop. Strings take centre stage, they bring up the melody and take the place of a more common piano or guitar. They strike, they swoon and they culminate in a body of sound that is warm in its embrace. Backing them is a classic set of drums that favour the cymbals, smashing away at the highs, creating a distance between the humming instrumental and the ceiling of the soundscape. This gap, giant in its range, is where the vocals live. They thrive here, coming to life and breathing with the strings. Filling the space, they sit in the low end and talk through the verse and the build, when the chorus hits they jump up into the air and weave ribbons of harmony and melody that get stuck in your hair but you don’t mind. It is glorious.

What will stand out to you as it stood out to me, is the separation of the sounds and the song. First the sounds, you can hear each and every one of them. The strings don’t form a clump of slugging sound, nor do they swamp out the percussion, bass or vocals. It is wonderfully done and a pleasure to listen to. Secondly, the song feels separated from the genre it sits in, which is a good thing for us listeners. Neo-pop, contemporary pop, new-pop or indie. Whatever you want to call it, Die Auster Bunny is carving themselves a niche away from all of the labels. ‘Chocolate Nails’ lives in its own land of creativity, passion and harmony, hopefully, more residents move in soon.

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