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DOM MALIN - All I Know


All I Know

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Credit - Taylor Olson

Birmingham-based Dom Malin has been working hard to bring listeners an entrancing swirl of acoustic-inspired folk sensibilities.

'All I Know' is a stunning piece that will lure any listener into its realm - from the soft and pulsating acoustic guitar plucks and clean tones to the layered harmoneous vocals, there is nothing to fault here.

'All I Know' was inspired by the line ‘down by the river, she calls to a saint’ where Malin recals having the vision of loosing someone close to mental health struggles. Using the vision as a foundation for beauty and connectedness, Malin went on to explore the movement of thoughts through the narrative of somebody in their darkest times.

This is a truly beautifully raw exploration of emotion, dipucted perfectly by both a portrayal of both the calmness and juxtaposed tempo of the mind. I could listen to this song on repeat without a second thought both to get lost in its hypnotics and to equally feel understood in my darkest times.

10/10 from me and a well deserved place in our Ones2Watch!


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