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DOMAX - Bolle



London, United Kingdom

Credit - @Jomotopia

Domax is a master of instrumental soundscapes. They are synthetic, colourful and fast-paced; rushing through purple canyons under pinky skies, leaving ink-black trails of funk wherever they go. Domax’s single, ‘Bollé,’ is one of these splendid soundscapes. As the song begins it feels like you are charging up, developing the energy and knowledge to survive in the musical wilderness. Then, just before you feel truly ready … blast off! You shoot from a cannon, speeding across mountains, plains, deserts and cities. With no sign of slowing down the ground begins to fall away beneath you. You crest the edge of the world and are sent into space, now galaxies pass by in flashes of orange and green. The journey is never-ending.

‘Bollé’ feels natural, but sounds synthetic. There is this great divide between the texture of the sounds and what they seem to represent, a poetic dichotomy in sound. In any case, no matter how deep you peer into the mind of the creator there is no arguing the fact that this is one hell of a good track. Explore it.



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