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DOPIA - Bad Bitch


Bad Bitch

Istanbul, Turkey

Set the vibe to hardcore, set the lighting to strobe and set your knees to dancing. Dopia has unleashed an almighty house sound in her track, ‘Bad Bitch.’ It's wild, alive with colours and synth. The samples grow and distort, speeding down avenues of melody and crashing against the brick walls of funk. Behind it all, a raging wave of beats shifts and swells in the moment. First small, then massive, it blocks out the skyline and then… Drops. A phat sound smacks the concrete, the world goes up in style, the groove etches your very bones and the rhythm becomes a part of you.

Dopia is striding into house with confidence and it's working. The sounds on offer here are level with the best of them. ‘Bad Bitch’ takes risks, uses sounds often unheard of and rises to the occasion with a scale that exceeds expectations. In a word: breathtaking.


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