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Down In Motion's 'Into the River': A Revival of Authentic Rock Sensibility

Down In Motion "Into The River" Promo Cover
Down In Motion "Into The River" Promo Cover

Rediscover the Raw Energy of Rock with 'Into the River' - A Testament to Down In Motion's Unbridled Passion and Mastery

Down In Motion are the band you’ve been waiting for. And yes, it doesn’t matter what you like; and no, I don’t think I’m being dramatic. Their single, ‘Into the River,’ is a systematic showcase of everything that modern rock wants to be, but seems to find it hard to achieve. Down In Motion knock it out of the park, they don’t need any buffers, they just need their instruments and stage to play on. Their music is bold, but not over-tight. There is feeling and a human presence beneath the rock, and that is what I feel is missing in modern rock. It’s too sterile, too clean cut, pressed in silver not smashed on steel. ‘Into the River’ brings all that great rock feeling back into focus and — wow, I never realised how much I was missing it.

From the gate, you get that guitar. What a tone, masterfully made and controlled. When you send that much power through the strings of a rig it can be hard to keep the chords on point, but they do, and it creates the foundation for the song going forward. The blast is fast and the song catches up quick. It ebbs to you, pulling you in. Once surrounded, the flow gets going. The vocals pulse with energy and life, they take stabs in the verse and then come around for great swings in the chorus. Like all good rock, there are shifts and changes in beat and velocity. The bridge brings it down a sec, gets real with it. Pssh, no! We want the volume back — then away the song goes, smashing out windows and raising roofs with its sound.

‘Into the River’ opened my eyes. It’s so simple. Just play the music world, just play it hard. Play it like you mean it and it can sound like Down In Motion. This single is a work of love, passion, and fun. But it’s not been overworked; it’s been left as it arrived, raw, full of energy, and beautiful in its uniqueness. A wide grin and a nod of the head. Down In Motion have got it going on.

Genre: Modern Rock, Alternative Rock

Moods: Energetic, Passionate, Bold, Authentic, Dynamic, Unfiltered

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