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Dragonfly Effect Unleashes Powerful New Single "Infected" with Masterful Instrumentals

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Image of Dragonfly Effect performing "Infected" live on stage with dynamic instrumentals and powerful vocals.

The grit catches the metallic industrial sheen, marring it. Rust begins to form. This is the imagery that welcomes you into Dragonfly Effect’s single, ‘Infected.’ A tonal and melodic metal track that pumps power into the melody and even more into the vocals.

The rust is formed. The bass dives. The drums pick up in the back, echoing under the vocals, bright and clear before you. The line is set, the song in motion. The guitars are heavy, thick, not blowing out the song, however, they are played with a masterful understanding. The same can be said of the bass that adds flavour and texture without being overplayed. It works wonders for the single. The big peak comes in the chorus.

The vocals charge and the instrumentals begin to harmonise, beckoning you closer like Odysseus’s sirens. Then the shift. The whole track plunges, the vocals switch to a snarl — a massive scream with wonderful texture and power. A standout metal track through and through. Dragonfly Effect have the sound nailed. ‘Infected’ is just the beginning.


SONO Music Group

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