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Elishéva Unveils 'For Us,' A Poignant Journey Through Love and Healing

Elishéva Album Art 'For Us.'

Elishéva: The French-American Folk-Pop Phenomenon Healing Hearts Through Melody

The Journey of Elishéva

Elishéva is a French-American folk-pop singer-songwriter with an incredible journey that's as fascinating as her music. Born in Paris and raised in Tahiti, Elishéva moved to the United States at the age of 8. Unlike her family, who chose medical careers, Elishéva followed her passion for music, which led her to Berklee College of Music. She graduated with the class of 2022, transitioning from a focus on jazz to lyrically-driven indie folk-pop.

Multi-Cultural Influence and Genre-Bending Art

Elishéva's music is a tapestry of influences. Her French-American background and past life in the jazz world enrich her work, adding harmonic and melodic colors that break traditional genre barriers. Now based in Los Angeles, she creates art without restrictions and writes songs to heal without judgment. Her music resonates with relatable lyrics, infused with elements of her diverse musical background.

Latest Release: "For Us"

The single "For Us" is an emotional journey into the complexities of love and relationships. Produced by Tucker Bickell, mixed by Mark Mongilio, and mastered by Jack Kennedy, the song explores the often heart-wrenching realization that love sometimes isn’t enough. It addresses the idea of being in love yet constantly at war, confronting broken expectations in a relationship.

Elishéva Album Art 'For Us.'Promo Shot

The Philosophy Behind the Music

Elishéva's music serves as a healing process both for her and for her audience. "For Us" particularly resonates with those who find themselves entangled in complicated relationships. While it portrays the struggle and hopelessness that accompany such experiences, it also underlines the importance of healing and moving on.

What's Next for Elishéva?

Following the release of "For Us" on September 1st, Elishéva aims to keep breaking musical boundaries. She plans to continue blending different genres and harmonic elements into her emotive lyrics, enriching the folk-pop landscape with her unique voice.

🎙️ Artist Quote: "I write to heal without judgment, making art that resonates beyond genre restrictions." - Elishéva

With her multi-cultural background, lyrical authenticity, and daring approach to genre, Elishéva is truly an artist to keep an eye on. As she continues to forge her path, her music promises to touch more hearts and heal more souls.


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