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Embracing Melodic Intricacies with 'In The Arms Of A Stranger': The Connecting Dots Fuse Synth-Pop

‘In The Arms Of A Stranger’ is the latest single from rock group, The Connecting Dots. It’s a single that finds space in modern synth-pop to add some rock flavour, to add some grit, and to add some of the tastiest bass lines I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long old time. There is a fluidity to The Connecting Dots’ music and there always has been. When the beat kicks in and the lights hit the back wall, they make the shadows dance like puppets. It’s a wild show and one that will always leave you wanting more and more of their unique sound. ‘In The Arms Of A Stranger’ is no different. It takes The Connecting Dots’ vibe and adds oodles more emotion than they have ever pumped into a track. It works wonders for the weight of the song as a whole.

There is a tenderness in the heart of this single and it connects to the song in more than just metaphor. It winds in the beat, hums in the harmony of the chorus and jives in the bass. The song has a personality. A smashing single that will take your breath away every step of the way.


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