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Emotional Oasis: Elton Hendrix Project's 'Never Run Away' Shines with Soulful Serenity

‘Never run away’ is the latest single from the Elton Hendrix Project. The song comes on with an acoustic vibe. It sits calmly in broiling waters that rise with the emotion from underneath. The cool strumming keeps the boat steady, the vocals sing out over the wash. the lyrics hit like stars and the melody catches you sitting. It’s bright, tonal, and full of breaks and sweltering highs. The magic of vocal and acoustic guitar is one of life's many pleasures, but when it is done with such honour and respect, it may be one of life’s best.

There’s something about the tone you can find in the Elton Hendrix Project’s singles that hits you right in the feelings. There is a poise to the songwriting. It takes deft steps one way, switches, and catches your heart off guard. Soon you are lost to that same emotional sea, the only savour is a longboat, drifting gently nearby. ‘Never run away’ is a call to safety, a beckoning hand in a dark ocean.



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