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Enoka Unveils "If You Really Want It": A Compelling Blend of EDM and Pop

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Enoka's latest release "If You Really Want It" album cover art.

Enoka is no stranger to making compelling music that blurs the lines between the punch of electronic dance music and the melodies of pop. Her most recent release, "If You Really Want It", falls into that broad category, while highlighting the artist’s ability to constantly aim higher and provide excellent-sounding tracks that appeal to a broad audience. What makes this release quite special is the fact that it really showcases a progression in the artist’s music, as well as her commitment to keep writing excellent and relatable music that is always on the cutting edge.

This is definitely something for you to check out if you do enjoy the work of artists such as Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, Marina & The Diamonds, and Rihanna, among others!

Find out more about Enoka, and do not miss out on "If You Really Want It". This release is now available on some of the best digital music streaming services.



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