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Eric Cohen Releases Emotionally Charged Single "On The Edge (Choir Version)"

Musical Genesis in Kansas City

Solo artist Eric Cohen dives deep into the emotional abyss of suicide and depression in his stirring new release, "On The Edge (Choir Version)," offering an impactful message of redemption and hope.

A Cry for Redemption

Recorded in his basement studio and mixed and mastered by Uptown Productions, the single is Cohen's first venture into vocal performance. It's a gripping ballad that articulates the emotions of being on the verge of despair while seeking salvation. The artist says, "This is a heartfelt expression of me calling out to my maker."


Musical Genesis in Kansas City

Three years ago, in Kansas City, MO, Eric Cohen found his calling. Influenced by iconic musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mac Miller, and Toby Mac, he has received multiple FM and satellite radio plays and is set to perform at upcoming faith-based festivals like Faith Fest and Nehemiah Fest.

Beyond the Music: Community Involvement

Adding another layer to his artistry, Cohen is also committed to community service. He spends time every week ministering in a juvenile detention facility, using his life experiences and music as a form of outreach.

Song Credits

Vocals: Eric Cohen

Mixing & Mastering: Uptown Productions


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